Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blogging and the art of Family

The FP Gal and I saw a commercial this morning with a father and daughter sitting down for breakfast together. He makes a comment to her about something and she replies that he seems to know more about her since he started to read her blog. Sound familiar?
I just finished putting together a tator-tot hotdish. It's the recipe from the cookbook that Heidi put together a few years back. Her idea was to gather favorite foods from all over the family and gather them together in one bound book.
Guess the two of them have me thinking of the extended family today. I know that the blog network had been wonderful in keeping in touch with people. If we were relying on phone calls and letters there are many of you that may never have found about Aurelia, much less gotten the day by day details. I've been able to stay current with both my brother and sister, no matter which continent they're on or how badly their hands are hurt. Blogging was almost designed for my mother.
Just about every week I hear from someone about how much they've enjoyed this expanded communication and I just wanted to say that the feeling is mutual. (Wonder when Aurelia will start blogging?)

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DD4 said...

Amen, son. My sentiments exactly.