Sunday, September 30, 2012

At the Zoo

I took the older Yahoos to the zoo this morning.  The last couple of Sunday mornings have been rough but today went pretty smoothly.  They wanted to go on the outside path and the Grizzly Coast.  We saw otters and sleeping bears.  We saw the little leopard cubs and found the sleeping tiger.  And about half way around the insisted on going to the farm. 
I'm not a huge fan of the farm.  Probably because pigs, cows and chickens really just don't impress me much.  But so be it.  We got to ride in a trailer behind a tractor and that undoubtedly is a big deal for them.  So we saw the farm animals.  Once we were done we had a little wait for the tractor to come back.  They wanted to look at the goats again.  There were little food dispensers and I patiently (and repeatedly) told the Yahoos that I didn't have money to buy food for the goats.  After some time DF decided to check one of the dispensers and two pellets fell out.  Relia picked one up and promptly fed it to a goat.  DF picked up the other and promptly ate it.
He said it tasted good.
We got out without any fights.  We saw a moose and some caribou and another tiger.  Then out to the car and back home for some football.  A very fine morning.  

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DD4 said...

I'll be watching for the post that says DF is now baaing!