Monday, September 24, 2012


This morning I told DF that his name means 'lucky'.  His response?

DF: I don't seem to be lucky.

Keep in mind that he's not quite two and a half yet.  I asked him why he doesn't think that he's lucky and he said something like 'Ricky is a hole'.  I have no idea what that means and I couldn't get him to clear it up before he lost focus.
I haven't written many posts about the fun things that DF says.  He is a blast to talk to but he doesn't really say memorable things.  It's more about the way he says it.  He constantly surprises us with a very polite 'thank you'.  And sometimes he'll say things like 'yes, you may'.  But so far he isn't quite as quotable as his sister. 
Meanwhile, Leo (from no on LL for 'Little Lion') is also fun to talk with.  He laughs and shakes and giggles.  But, of course, no words yet.

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