Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Daily Schedule

Awake at 7a - this depends almost soley on Relia. If she stays in her room until her light goes on, then 7a it is.  If she wakes up early and decides to wander around, well, then it starts early.  (She thinks she is super sneaky but really no one is ninja quiet on a century old wooden staircase.)
Downstairs with Relia and DF - this depends on whether or not he is also awake.  He usually wakes up when she does.  See note about lack of sneakiness in previous.  Usually, but not always, Leo is still asleep and is left upstairs.
Breakfast for the two oldest - Well, first there is the argument about what to have and then a seperate argument on how to have it ("no, I want the toast cold!").  To feed two children one must make 26 seperate trips from kitchen to dining room. 
Breakfast for me - About the time they finish eating, I shamelessly turn on the TV and let that babysit them while I eat. 
Preparation - around 830a I start getting stuff ready for the day.  I warm Leo's first bottle.  I make Relia's lunch for school.  She loves to help with this. 
Feed Leo - this is right about 845a or so.  As soon as I sit down and start him with the bottle the older kids run crazy, get into pointless fights and cause general mayhem. 
Put on shoes - right about 9a, I start getting Relia and DF into shoes (and soon coats!) so that we can walk down to the bus.  Leo goes into the pack and play. 
Down to the bus - this is a short walk, only about half a block away.  We arrive early, in part because I hate to be late.  If we were to miss this bus, I'd still have time to get her to school on time in the car, but that would be a huge pain.  So...we're early.
After the bus - We wave goodbye and then DF and I go home.  We get packed up and ready to go and we're horribly early.  Come winter, we'll need this time but we don't yet.  Today I burned some of that off by simply driving us to daycare by the longest practical route that I could. 
Drop off the boys - and then, blessedly, I have the place to myself for a few hours. 


DD4 said...

That's quite a routine, Peder. It seems you have things lined up as best one can.

MamaD4 said...

It really is a fine science, isn't it? And I love how the moment you're immobilized (as in feeding Leo his bottle) the other two go nuts! For me, it's anytime I'm on the phone. I could be anywhere in the house and they will find me and start screaming like they're on fire for no good reason. I have to lock myself in the bathroom to make phone calls. I've been known to even get behind the glass doors in the shower to drown out the noise a little!

Keep up the good work Michael Keaton! Just don't get sucked into the soaps!

Anonymous said...

WOW. She goes to school LATE! How nice!