Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Potty Training

DF has expressed some interest in potty training.  He's still pretty young and we're not sure that he's serious. But we're willing to work with him, you betcha!  Anyway, on Sunday he decided it was time to sit on the potty.  The FP Gal took him into the bathroom and sat with him as he used the training potty.  She kept telling him that he needed to, um, tuck himself as he sat.  He totally didn't get it.  Long story short, he didn't really need to go.
As she came out of the bathroom she told me that at some point I would need to do some demonstrating for him.  I agreed but kind of dreaded it.  You see, I'm very private about the bathroom.  Not sure why and I'm not apologizing but the door remains firmly shut when I'm tending to business.  But yes, I would need to demonstrate for him.  Fair enough.
That led to this conversation yesterday afternoon.  I walked into the bathroom in the afternoon.  Only the boys and I were home.  I stopped and thought for a moment and then called to DF.

Me: Um, do you want to watch daddy go potty?
DF: (maybe thinking this was the strangest question ever)  No.

I resumed my normal routine.  I told the FP Gal about it and she said I didn't really approach it the right way.  I'm pretty sure that's true.
Man, this parenting thing keeps you on your toes.


DD4 said...

This is too funny for words.

Pat said...

I love this!! Too funny!! I really think you should write a book. I know I would buy one and I bet your mom would too.