Saturday, September 08, 2012

Football Picks

These are Relia's football picks for tomorrow, along with the reason for each pick.
  • Colts, because she likes horses.
  • Eagles, because she has been to the Eagle center.
  • Lions, for Leo, he is her brave lion.
  • Titans, because she likes tights.
  • Falcons, because she like falcons.
  • Jaguars, because she sort of likes 'J's'.
  • Redskins, because she likes red.
  • Jets, because Grampa used to fly a plane.
  • Dolphins, because she loves dolphins.  They are "so cute".
  • 49ers, because 49 is her favorite number.
  • Cardinals, because Grandma D loves cardinals.
  • Steelers, because she loves steel.
  • Bengals, because daddy likes tigers.
  • Chargers, because likes it when Grandpa charges her phone.

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