Thursday, January 06, 2011


The FP Gal: (talking about Felix in his high chair) He has a little chin dimple. I've never noticed that.
Me: (looking) That's a cheerio.

Our little boy (who I don't write about enough) is a little cheerio fiend. He loves them. We think that he might be teething again and I think there is a soothing effect. It's some kind of General Mills pharmacology.
What else? Well, he's very much on the move. Loves to walk around while holding someone's fingers. He's starting to get braver and braver about letting go but he's not walking . . . yet. He still isn't doing the classic crawl. Mostly the pushing himself backward stuff. He has also started some forward movement by pulling himself with his hands. Having hardwood floors helps. Someday he'll get his knees involved but not yet.
Still lots of smiles and he loves to laugh with his sister. A very cheerful boy.

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