Sunday, January 02, 2011

Two MOA Stories

Relia is getting old enough to where she now wants to go on the rides at the mall. Two of them especially, the log ride and the aerial swings. We got some wrist bands for a full day of admission and planned to use them on Friday. Unfortunately the FP Gal and I both thought that the other one was bringing them. Oops! So we bought some points and Relia and I did the log ride together.
She was very curious about the whole operation. Wanted to touch the fake rocks. Wanted to see how people got in and out of the little boats. And then it was our turn. I helped her into the back part of the log. If you've never been on a log ride, you should know that there are little bars along the inside so that everyone can hold on. Instead of these, I sat behind Relia and held her hands to reassure her.
We drifted and bumped along without problem. We went up a belt and around some corners. She saw the Killebrew chair and the animatronic guys. Then we came to a small downhill inside of the structure. She was fine going down but then my lack of grip on the rails meant that I slammed her forward into the padding. Shock and pain! And much crying. And apologizing from daddy. By the time we made it around to the big hill at the end she was pretty freaked out.
Needless to say I felt terrible. And she's not excited to try it again anytime soon. (sigh)

Today we were out there, just her and I. We were checking in at the aquarium and I had to call her over from a group of kids that were also there. When I said "Aurelia!" the whole group looked and it made me wonder if I'd been too loud. She ran over and the lady that was herding the other kids came too. She asked me what Relia's name was and when I told her she said that one of the girls with her had the same name. It was the first time either of them had ever met another one. I was nearly 30 before I met a name-twin but she made it at 3!

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