Saturday, January 08, 2011


The NFL playoffs start today and once again I'll see if I can figure my way to an 11-0 postseason. Unlikely, but what the hey. And for those of you playing along on Yahoo, we're picking these games too this year.
New Orleans at Seattle (Saints favored by 10 1/2). The Seahawks are the first division winner with a losing record in NFL history and frankly, they probably aren't as good as even their poor record. The Saints, of course, won last year's Super Bowl and had a pretty good year. The Saints are without either of their top running backs, they have to travel cross country and play outdoors. And 10 1/2 points is a pretty big number. The Saints would have to blow them out to cover the spread. The weather forecast says it will be rainy. I'll take the Seahawks to cover but not win.
New York Jets at Indianapolis ( Colts favored by 2 1/2). I can't stand this year's Jets team. They're brash and arrogant. Their QB often looks over his head. The Colts on the other hand have put 400+ people on injured reserve and kind of look like it. Still, I like Manning to somehow pull off some playoff magic and then get smacked next week. I'll pick Colts.
Baltimore at Kansas City (Ravens by 3). The Chiefs have improved this year to rise from awful to division winner. The Ravens have been a good team for years. The Chiefs have this year's best running back while the Ravens have a pretty good defense. The game is Kansas City, which enjoys one of the best home field advantages in the league. I'll go with the Chiefs to upset.
Green Bay at Philadelphia (Eagles by 2 1/2). Two mirror image teams. Both have superior QBs and passing games. Both have defenses that are good but can have bad games (although the Packers have an edge there). The Packers record in Philadelphia is abysmal especially in the playoffs. Still, I can't help but think that the Packers will somehow shine and win.

What does the flipped coin think?

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Meigan said...

I hope your coin is wrong 'bout that last one.