Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We made a quick run down to Austin today to meet up with the Bremners.  They are on leave and back in the States.  We met at the bandshell park, somewhere I had not been in some time.  (Got to see how they changed it for the flood plans.  The church down there is no longer a church.  Instead it's a pavilion with picnic tables.  Who knew?) 
It was very nice.  Our kids got swept up into the tornado that is the Bremner children and they loved it.  We got to sit with Steve and Micah and talk about adult stuff.  Yay!  And then it was over, all too quickly and we went back to the Cities.


DD4 said...

I'm glad you got to go to Austin to see the Bremners. I'm sure they appreciated you making the effort. It was nice for the kids to get to play together.

Yes, the bandshell park is very nice. The church - since it couldn't be saved - makes a beautiful pavilion—probably the nicest I've seen.

There are many changes in Austin. That's why I like driving around a bit every time I go down there.

Steve said...

We certainly did appreciate the effort and it was great seeing you and your family Peder. My Peter now likes to talk about how he can spell his name with either a T or a D and is very excited about his options.

It was great seeing you and we enjoyed getting to see your little ones. Leo is now my favorite two year old.