Sunday, July 22, 2012


While at Target today, Relia got into a conversation with the check out lady.  It used to be my goal to be the most interesting (in a positive way) customer that a check out person/restaurant server/retail salesperson would deal with in a given day.  Now my kids have taken over that job.  I mostly just smile, nod and try not to upstage them.

Relia: (deep in the conversation) And what's your name?
Target lady: (amused and enjoying herself) Nancy.  And what is your name?
Relia: Aurelia.
Nancy: Oh, what a pretty name.
Relia: I know.  Everybody says that. 
(laughs all around)
DF: And my name is Felix!
(more laughs)
Me: Yeah, I don't really have shy kids...

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Pat said...

Hmmm--Wonder where they got this from??