Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Suggestions for Improving the Olympics

Some suggestions I put on Facebook:

1. Give Cirque du Soleil an automatic entry into the gymnastics events.
2. International karaoke competition.
3. Dance marathon
4. Competitive weight loss
5. Frisbee golf/Ultimate frisbee
6. Amish style barn raising race
7. Abstract art contest
8. Six shooter quick draw tournament. Single elimination format
9. An 'In Memoriam' film montage. Those things always get me.
10. Have the sprinters chase a rabbit.
11. The ‘Get-Clothes-on-a-Toddler’ rodeo.
12. Lawn curling.
13. Long distance running competitions to be done on a figure eight track where the runners must criss cross.
14. Long distance ocean swimming. (All swimmers start at the same time and swim until they can’t go any further.)
15. Child/parent three legged race.
16. Competitive dramatic monologue
17. All countries pick one athlete to compete in a King of the Mountain style event
18. Have the sprinters be chased by a tiger
19. Mariokart tournament
20. BMX off road unicycle racing
21. A round the world balloon race
22. Find better artistic ideas for the official mascots and programs. Use pre-1950 guides for example if necessary.
23. Random non-track athletes are selected to compete in decathlon.
24. Hide and seek, using the whole of London
25. Lunar volleyball (and if they mandate all countries provide their own transportation, we could colonize that sucker in about three Olympiads)
26. More cowbell!

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