Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sailors and Superstitions

In a little over four months, the greatest of the sailing races, the Vendee Globe, will start.  I'm interested in it so I'll be doing some blogging as it gets nearer.  On their website right now is a short interview about sailors and their superstitions.  It's very interesting and I learned a lot.  Before this I never understood the custom of christening a ship, for instance. 
Also, there is this bit with a coin:
For instance you have the golden coin that yachtsmen are supposed to put down under their masts. Once again, it is about the notion of sacrifice: when putting a very precious gold coin under the mast, the sailor will obviously not be able to use it later. Thus, by doing so, he proves his « good will » to the gods of the sea.
Do they do this with navy ships too?

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