Thursday, July 12, 2012

Practice Day

The FP Gal took a last minute gig examining some test questions so, for the first time, I had all three kids today.  Now, I've done quite a bit of solo parenting so this wasn't that big of a deal.  But it's a little different when you're watching a two year old and a three month old.  There is more balancing that has to be done, more planning.
It went . . . ok.  I had hoped to get them all out to the MOA.  It's a controlled environment and it kind of feels like home territory for me.  But when I was trying to plan out the timing I realized that I would need to feed Leo a bottle while we were out there.  And I couldn't think of any way that I could do that while keeping DF nearby.  Relia, I wasn't worried about.  She is responsible enough that I can trust her to stay near.
So we stayed in and did stuff.  The kids didn't have quite the fulfilling day that I had hoped for but, well, c'est la vie.  When the FP Gal got home we talked about it and she had some suggestions.  (I'm kind of kicking myself for not thinking of putting DF in a stroller with a snack to keep him busy!) 
Anyway, I stretched some mucsles that I haven't used in months.  I'll be using them plenty in about six weeks so I have to get them back in shape.  I'll be ready.

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