Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Bookshelf

I've pretty much abandoned the 'What I'm Reading' list on the sidebar but I thought some of you might still be interested to see what books have been coming into my life.  In the past few weeks I've gotten:
  • The Tipping Point - Gladwell, heard a bunch about it and should read it at some point
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins - O'Dell, remember it well from when I was younger
  • Philosophy of Aristotle, will come in handy with the book project
  • The Story of Dr Dolittle - Lofting, another old favorite, I'm reading it to Relia right now
  • The Voyages of Dr Dolittle - Lofting, next in the series
  • Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids - Caplan, very interesting reading on making parenting easier
  • Gamesmanship - Potter, was highly recommended
  • Remembrance of Things Past - Proust, on my 'someday' list
  • The Looming Tower - Wright, featured in yesterdays picture, fascinating book
  • Football Outsiders Almanac 2012, to get ready for the upcoming season, go Vikes!
  • Little Britches - Moody, a recommendation from Steve Bremner
  • Hamlet - Shakespeare, up next for the reading project
And then I said to the FP Gal, right now I don't feel like buying more books.  Don't worry, I'm sure it will pass quickly.


Steve said...

I picked up Hamlet last night and am about a third of the way through. I never knew how enjoyable it is to read Shakespeare aloud but it is a great way to pass the time waiting for Micah and the kids to come back from vacation. I will admit, my Ophelia leaves much to be desired but I think I would make a fantastic Polonius.

carrster said...

I love Island of the Blue Dolphins! *sigh* And I highly recommend visiting your LIBRARY more often. ;) (I have to advocate, right?)

-Peder said...

Carrie, we've been going to the library about once a week with the kids. Some of my more recent books are from the library. The thing is, when I get a borrow a book, I feel tremendous time pressure and I don't like that.

carrster said...

yay! I am sad that I can no longer take weekly trips to the library with the kids. Hmph. But they are loving that I bring them books every day!

I use the "time pressure" element to get much more reading done. It motivates me (sometimes...)