Sunday, August 12, 2012

20 Year Reunion

I'm not going to give a full, blow by blow account of the reunion.  I'll just hit some highlights.
  • Friday night was a big meet up at the county fair beer garden.  No one had name tags so there was a lot of 'oh, I almost know you'.  I started greeting new comers by telling them that it was perfectly ok to quietly ask who people are.
  • Cam played a game of 'will anyone recognize me?'.  Almost no one did and he won handily.  He was probably the most changed of all the classmates.
  • I got to see many people for the first time in twenty years.  Which was wonderful!
  • The Facebook revolution has changed these events totally.  So many of us are in some kind of contact already.  We still needed to catch up but it wasn't so tough to do so.  Also (and this just occurred to me) no one offered to show me pictures of kids or ask to see mine.  We no longer have to because chances are, we've seen them online.
  • Saturday morning there was a tour of the High School for anyone interested.  They've completely changed almost all of the first floor.  Virtually the only thing unchanged was the big auditorium (which was completely unchanged.)  They've done some updates to the second floor but it still looks almost exactly the same.  The ceilings in the halls are now lower.  Maybe they had to add more wiring?
  • Saturday afternoon I had a bit ol' nap at the hotel while Cam went golfing.  After that I took drive all over Austin and looked at the place.  I think a bunch of other people did too.
  • The Saturday night festivities were at the Eagles.  I had to ask people where in the world it was.  They told me to go where it used to be but that joke failed because I didn't remember where that had been.  Anyway, I found it.
  • The official shindig was fun.  It was quiet enough that you could talk to people.  Also, there were nametags so you could tell who people were!  Cam and I did a little comedy bit (which was fun).  There was a webcam so some of it was actually broadcast.
  • We stayed late.  I didn't get back to the hotel until almost two.  And I was one of the early ones!  But I slept until after 8a so it worked out somehow.
  • Said my goodbyes to Cam and others this morning and drove back up.  It was a great time and some much needed time off from being a daddy!  I missed the family and I'm now glad to be back home.

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