Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boys at Daycare

Yesterday the boys started daycare.  It's a return for DF so no big deal but for Leo, it was his first day with complete strangers.  He greeted them with a big smile though, so apparently he was fine with it. 
This morning while dropping them off, DF decided that he really didn't want to go.  He started crying and yelling.  He was wailing when I left him in the toddler room.  The staff assured me that this was common.  In fact, he seemed to stop crying before I even left. 
The last two days Relia has been home with me.  I've worked late and been very tired.  This hasn't been the most fun for her.  This afternoon I apologized for 'being a stick in the mud'.  She told me that a stick in the mud is fun.  You can draw with it! 
I don't know if she was being comforting or telling me that I didn't even rise to that level. 

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