Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten.

Relia's first day went just fine.  We walked her down to her bus stop and made sure she got on without any problem.  Then the FP Gal drove to the school so that she could be on hand if there were any problems.  Relia had made a friend (at least one) on the bus.  Apparently they walked into the school holding hands.
Relia found her room without any problem.  We were there one night last week to scout the area.  She told me about the kids she is sitting near.  They have names like Dasher, Korval and Lover.  I kind of doubt that any of those names are right... 
She said that she get kicked while on the playground.  She demonstrated this with a move right out of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.  This was reported to a Miss Guinea Pig, another name which I'm doubting is quite right. 
A bit of drama coming home as she got off at the wrong bus stop.  For whatever reason, her bus stops at each end of our block.  The FP Gal went to wait at the correct one but she chose differently.  We got it all figured out with no problem. 
She is excited for tomorrow.  DF, meanwhile, is bummed about the whole thing.  He figures that he is also ready for kindergarten and doesn't want to hear differently.  Leo hasn't shared an opinion either way yet.

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DD4 said...

Oh, my! That's quite a report, Peder. I'm so happy Aurelia had a good first day — all but the being kicked while on the playground part. I do hope that doesn't happen again.

Please tell her I am proud of her, and let Felix know you will find special things for him to do.