Monday, November 17, 2014

Commercial Idol

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This idea is something of a take on 'American Idol', a show that I've never watched.  It's also inspired by various other shows that a) have people compete on creative output and b) kick one person out each week.  This would include shows that have focused on interior design, clothes making and dog grooming.  Much of the gamut of creative possibilities have been covered but AFAIK there is one big gaping gap.
We need a show where commercials compete against each other.  This could go in one of two directions, or possibly both.  In one direction, you'd have aspiring folks that would make commercials for a product.  A panel of judges would talk about what they like and what they don't.  Then the audience would call in and vote for a winner (or a loser, depending on how you look at it).  Each week, one person (or team?) would be ousted.  Eventually a winner is crowned and given a gold ticket of entry into commercial design.
The other direction might be more interesting.  This would feature existing commercials made by big time firms.  These are commercials that the viewing public has already seen and is very familiar with.  The same voting dynamic would happen and one firm would be kicked off each week.  In a more perfect world, they'd also pull the losing commercial from TV rotation but that probably wouldn't happen automatically.
Either way, you'd get big audiences.  The first route would have advertisers clamoring to be a part of it.  I bet someone like Coca-Cola would be thrilled to have a dozen creative commercials air, showcasing their product.  The second route wouldn't have quite the 'starter' buzz, but it would be for higher stakes.  Imagine being in each week to see the makers of those awful commercials being shamed before their peers and the entire nation.  That would be appointment television.
Perhaps, both ideas could be joined together.  Either alternate weeks or have the show focus new in the first half hour and established in the second.  This would be a definite hit.

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