Monday, November 10, 2014

History Tours

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Now that I'm done with the ideas for Austin, I'm going to move on to ideas for profit.  These are things that I think would work well but I don't have the capital or expertise to make them happen.  This idea is an old one for me.  In fact, it's the idea that got me into the travel industry. 

History Tours for Schools

The basic idea is simple.  This would be a company that works in connection with a college or university.  There would be a course, say French History.  At the end of the teaching, the class would then go on a guided history tour in France.  The tour would connect with things that were taught, reinforcing the lessons with actual experience of the locations.
The company would provide the guides and accommodations.  A guide would meet the class at the airport, fly with them and help them through customs.  They would help them to the sites and lodging.  They would help them with meals and whatever entertainment was set up.  If the tour was done often, long term arrangements would be made with hotels and tour buses, etc.  The guide would, of course, be fluent in the language of the country.
I mentioned French history up above, but of course other countries would work as well.  A company could even set up tours in the United States.  A course/tour of Civil War sites would certainly work.  Setting aside history, an art class could visit several museums in different cities.  Some flexibility would be important.

On the business side, there would be a need for someone who would work with flights, hotels and other tour needs.  This would mean negotiating deals and acting to help if/when a snag occurs.  The payment would flow through the colleges and universities, which would make it regular and dependable.  From casual conversation with people over the past fifteen years, I don't think that finding guides would be any trouble whatsoever. 
Just typing this out makes me feel good.  This is a good idea and I want someone to make it a reality.

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carrster said...

I love this. I remember you talking about doing something similar with Shakespeare (I think? Dickens? Someone....) a long time ago. Great idea. DO IT.