Saturday, November 01, 2014


(A new blog post!  It's as the Oracle foretold!)  

Actually, it's November and I'm going to do that National Blog Post Month thing where I post something every day.  I did this last year and it represented the last bit of sustained activity here.  We'll see if this month inspires something greater.

So what am I going to write about?  Ideas!  You see, I get ideas.  I get wonderful ideas (if I do say so myself).  Unfortunately, I don't have the expertise or the capital to do anything with them.  This has frustrated me for years.  Well, I'm going to see if I can move past that frustration.
This month, Monday through Friday, I'm going to post about those ideas.  I'm going to set them free and see if anyone wants to do something with them.  Fly!  Fly, my pretties!  Be fruitful and multiply!  I figure that once they're out of my head and into the world, I wont' have to worry about them anymore. 
(That's Monday through Friday.  I'm not sure about the weekends.  Maybe pictures of nature.) 

So if you see something you like, take it.  If it inspires something within you, run with it.  You have my blessing.  (Two things though, if this idea creates a big pile of money for you, you may feel some karmic urge to share some of it with me.  Don't screw up your karma.  And two, if you like these ideas so much that you want to talk with me for more details and/or put my creativity to work, please contact me at pederdefor @



carrster said...

Wonderful! I fully approve. :) Let's do this!

-Peder said...