Friday, November 07, 2014

Ideas for Austin (Part Five)

For the start of the ideas series, go here.  Links to parts one, two, three and four.

1. A Moveable Maze

This is my favorite idea.  As far as I can tell, no one else is doing this.  It's a maze, of course, but let me describe its features.
Picture a grid of poles.  Each pole has rings placed near the top.  The rings allow wooden slats to be hung between the poles, creating temporary walls.  The walls, of course, are designed into a maze.  The design allows the maze to be recreated into new configurations at regular intervals.  There would be a new maze to explore every year.  Perhaps a few times a year, simply depending on how often you wanted it changed.
The maze could be placed in one of the areas cleared for the flood plain.  If the grid was 16x16 and the poles were placed ten feet apart, then you would only need an area 150 feet on a square.  That's the distance from the goal line to the 50 yard line, if that helps you visualize it.  The walls wouldn't hang all the way to the ground so there would be no worry about water collecting in it.
And on the slats?  Artwork.  A maze of the size that I described would need between 200 and 250 slats (depending on the actual design).  Since each slat is double sided, that means 400-500 sides.  Local artists could be encouraged to paint something that could be displayed.  Perhaps the other side of each slat would be a 'sponsored by space' with a basic message or tasteful advertising.  After a slat was ready, it would be varnished, to protect it from the weather.  The slats would be stored over winter.  Maybe they'd be sold or otherwise retired over time to permit new work.

This would work on a few different levels.  It would have the excitement of a maze with beauty of an art gallery.  The design would change over time so that it would give new experiences.  It would be an interesting spot for residents and visitors to Austin.  And it would give some exposure to local artists. 
This could be a great thing.

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carrster said...

Cool! Love this idea!