Monday, November 24, 2014

School For Writers

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Sometimes I fantasize about winning the lottery.  If this ever happens, I have some ideas of what to do with the money (including a great one about a giant map that I'm NOT going to share).  This idea would be kind of my way of giving something back to the world at large.  Since I'm unlikely (odds at least 4-1 against) to win the lottery, any wealthy person or group of people can feel free to rip off this idea.

This is an idea about a high school for writers all over the country.  The student body would literally be selected from all 50 states and various territories and districts.  Each year of students would be around 220.  This would mean four from each state, two boys and two girls.  One of the intentions of this would be to create something of a support group for each incoming student.  The other twenty students would represent DC and other 'at large' students.  It would be a four year school so the total would end up being just under 900 students.
The school would be for writers.  It would have classes that would emphasize technique.  It would have classes that encourage reading from various sources, especially some classics.  It would even have some classes that would concentrate on how writers work in the real world (economics, job opportunities, habits, etc.).  The school would feature visits from famous writers for Q&A.  It would also cover the basics of other subjects like science and math.
I'm thinking that there would be some group of script writers as well.  They could be partnered with a sister school that concentrates on acting so that their writing could be performed by actors and actresses who are learning their skills as well.  This would mean a ton of hands on learning experience for both writers and performers.
I can envision a situation where the school would become so well known that students would be head-hunted and go off into writing careers.  Maybe even some connections with Hollywood and television would happen.  It's not easy to set off on a writing career.  Such a school might make it easier.

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