Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ideas for Austin (Part 2)

For the start of 'ideas' posts, go here.

For the first Ideas for Austin post, go here.  Again, these are ideas that might make Austin more fun without great cost and investment.

7. Feats of Athletics

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This idea is somewhat based on the Highland Games played in Scotland.  My thought is that it would be better if it involved fewer strong guys throwing things and more people running races.  This could happen on a regular weekend in the summer at the Athletic field.  The races would be divided by age and gender.  Something like:
  • 5-7
  • 8-10
  • 11-13
  • 14-18
  • 18-30
  • 30+
The last two categories would be fascinating.  There could be races of different lengths.  And maybe other traditional track and field activities could be held as well.  Even some test activities.  I've never wanted to compete in the hammer throw, but I'd love to give one a whirl!
The Highland Games also feature dance competitions and bagpipes.  I see no reason not to throw those in here too.  The hope would be to have lots of people doing lots of active things.

6. Mind Games
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This is similar to the athletic events but with brainpower instead.  Possible events:
  • A chess tournament, again with divisions by age.  (I would have loved this when I was young.)
  • A Scrabble tournament.  Somehow I think it wouldn't be hard to find contestants in Austin.
  • A city-wide spelling bee.  Possibly a spelling bee where the contestants are all Austin teachers.
  • Trivia contests, individual or better yet with teams.
  • Contest of mental calculators.  Who can solve the equation the fastest?
You get the idea.

These ideas are (obviously) related.  I can see where there would be some annual anticipation within the events.  Would the 37 year old fastest woman hold off that fast lady who just turned 31?  Which teacher is the best speller?  Which one is the worst?  If well handled, this could be lots of fun.
After all of the events, mental and physical, are done.  There would be a parade for the winners.  (Think of how happy the young victors would be!)  The parade could maybe be timed to coincide with the country fair, maybe ending at the grandstand. 
Every year, Austin could celebrate some of its smartest and most able people.

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DD4 said...

These ideas are fun ~ especially the spelling bee with teachers as participants.

I wonder if somehow one could single out all of the vice presidents of Hormel's for some sort of competition - stuffing the empty Spam cans, or something else. Just an idea.