Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in Austin

We went down to Austin today for Thanksgiving.  (When we told LL this morning he said, 'Austin? I like Austin!'.)  So we loaded up the car for the trip.  Apparently today was the coldest Thanksgiving in decades.  The windchill was below zero.  It made the trip seem much more like Christmas than Thanksgiving.  Hopefully the climate control will be adjusted soon as it's much too cold.
We made it down there without any problem.  We could see plenty of tire tracks in the median.  I'm guessing that yesterday was an eventful day for the tow-trucks.  Once we were down to Austin we went immediately to Pop Pop's church.  We missed it on the last trip and DF was very angry with me.  We made up for it here.  The boys love the nursery room there so they played for a bit.  We had some small snacks.
Then we headed to David and Donna's for another quick visit and then out to the 3B Eatery for the real meal.  Oh, Amy is such a good cook!  Yummy, yummy food.  Great company.  A fine time.
Back to David and Donna's.  We watched some football and chatted.  The kids played with each other and with cousins.  And with a kitten from the batch of cats that have adopted the household.  We were offered the kitten to take home but the FP Gal and I both resisted.
The car ride home was equal parts quiet and awful.  All three kids were asleep before we cleared Austin city limits.  About half way home they each woke each other up.  They demanded water and soon drank all that we had with us.  They wanted quiet and food and (of course) their actual beds.  We eventually got home and got them to sleep. 

And now it's just me typing and I'm sure sleep is soon to come for me too.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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DD4 said...

I'm glad you had a good day.