Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Syndication Channel

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This next idea is a fairly new one so there are probably angles I haven't thought of yet.  Like many people, our family has 'cut the cord' so to speak and gone without cable.  We still get half a dozen broadcast channels but our main source of TV is through our Apple TV.  That means we get some sports and a whole bunch of Netflix.  Lately, most of the major broadcasters have added access to parts of their shows through 'widgets' (not their technical name, I'm sure).  This is nice, but very limited.
As I said, we watch a bunch of Netflix.  What do we watch?  TV shows.  Full series, sometimes in binge mode.  From what I've read, this isn't an uncommon occurrence.  So what's the idea?

A Syndication Channel

The idea is simple.  This would be a Netflix style portal through which you could watch old TV shows.  The channel would cast its net far and wide for content.  This would mean shows from as far back as the 50's and including things from today (maybe).  It would include old sit-coms and dramas.  Pretty much anything that's out there for cheap. 
There probably isn't a big enough market for any of these shows in any particular market but that would be different in a nationwide setting.  Things that would hurt a local channel will be able to pull in people from everywhere.  That might mean new audiences.  It would *absolutely* bring in older audiences.
Customers would have the option of building 'blocks' of shows.  If you wanted to set up a recreation of Must See TV from 1995, you could easily do so.  If you want to watch 'Love Boat' and follow up with 'Fantasy Island', go ahead.  If you'd rather compare eras of 'Star Trek' shows, that would also be available.  Set it up, hit 'play' and let it run. 
How does this 'channel' make money?  My first thought is subscription fees, just like Netflix.  I'd shell out $10 a month for this.  I bet lots of people would.  There could be an advertising element, but it would have to be light.  Would a one minute commercial per twenty minutes be too much?  I don't know.
But . . . I bet someone could make a fortune with this.


DD4 said...

I think the TV choices on basic cable are very limited, but with the next step up, I'm watching many old sit-coms and a lot of movies. I don't do anything with Netflix except rent two movies a month.

I also watch the local and national news on TV.

-Peder said...

Mom, you were one of the people I was thinking of with this idea. You like having access to old sit-coms and I'm sure you'd like access to even more of them.