Tuesday, March 01, 2011


While driving to preschool today . . .

Relia: Sometimes I get owies on my hand.
Me: Yep, we all do.
Relia: There was that one time with the kitty box that I got hurt!
Me: But you're fine now, right? You can't feel it anymore.
Relia: Right.
Me: We all get hurt a little bit now and then, but we get better.
Relia: (pause) When they put me in jail it hurts my feelings.
Me: (not sure what to say) When they put you in jail . . .?
Relia: They don't usually put me in jail. (long pause) Only in stories.


Kate said...

Have you been reading her my blog, or what?

-Peder said...

Kate, right after this she talked about how Captain Hook should have been put in jail.

carrster said...

Ha! She says the funniest things. I love it.

Meigan said...

Kate - that's what I thought!