Sunday, January 29, 2012

Least Compelling Super Bowl

I'm not the least bit excited for the Super Bowl next week and I'm trying to figure out why. Some of it is because it's hard to be excited for Boston or New York teams. Since 2000 those two cities have won an absurd 10 championships in the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL. To make it worse, the same football teams here have won recently with the Giants in 2007 and the Patriots in 2001, 2003 and 2004. In short, we've seen this all before.
But how unique is this really? Let's take a look!
  • 2010, Packers/Steelers, first SB appearance for the Packers since 97. Rodgers proves he can replace Favre.
  • 2009, Saints/Colts, first SB appearance for the Saints in their history
  • 2008, Steelers/Cardinals, first SB appearance for the Cardinals in their history
  • 2007, Giants/Patriots, Pats go for an undefeated season. Eli Manning proves he is more than just Payton's little brother.
  • 2006, Colts/Bears, first SB appearance for the Colts since 1970, first SB appearance for the Bears since 1985. Colts finally get past Pats to make the SB.
  • 2005, Steelers/Seahawks, first SB appearance for the Seahawks.
  • 2004, Patriots/Eagles, first SB appearance for the Eagles since 1980.
  • 2003, Patriots/Panthers, first SB for the Panthers
  • 2002, Buccaneers/Raiders, first SB appearance for the Bucs, first SB appearance for the Raiders since 1983
  • 2001, Patriots/Rams, both teams had appeared recently (Pats 1996, Rams 1999) but Pats team was very different than the '96 team. First SB for Tom Brady.
  • 2000, Ravens/Giants, first SB appearance for the Ravens.
  • 1999, Rams/Titans, first SB for the Titans, first SB appearance for the Rams since 1979.
  • 1998, Broncos/Falcons, first SB appearance for the Falcons.
  • 1997, Broncos/Packers, Broncos had lost previous four SB appearances.
  • 1996, Packers/Patriots, first Packer appearance since 1967, first Pats appearance since 1985.
  • 1995, Cowboys/Steelers, first Steelers appearance since 1979.
  • 1994, 49ers/Chargers, first SB for Chargers.
  • 1993, Cowboys/Bills, rematch of previous year, Bills had lost previous 3 SB appearances
  • 1992, Cowboys/Bills, first SB appearance for Cowboys since 1978.

And on and on. In the past twenty years there was only one game where both teams had been in SB very recently with the same QBs and coaching staffs and that involved the hard luck, easy to root for Buffalo Bills of the early 90s. This has none of that.

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