Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Art Of Shaving



Before Christmas I mentioned to the FP Gal that I'd never had a real barbering. She gave me a gift certificate for a place at the MOA called 'Art of Shaving'. It is located on the ground floor near the kiosks and features big windows so people can watch the action. The certificate was for both a traditional shave and a head shave.
Well, it was time for the winter beard to come off this weekend. And due to scheduling conflicts and other stuff, I went about ten days without shaving the ol' scalp. (If you're curious, it normally gets shaved every three or four days.) My hair was the longest it has been in about a decade. It was driving me crazy.
Enter the Art of Shaving and my barber, Moustache Jim. I explained what I needed and he did his job. While he was shaving my scalp I could see mall-goers stop and watch. They seemed to enjoy it.
It was an interesting experience but not one that I think I'll repeat any time soon. Maybe it's my own issues but I don't care to be pampered. But if you don't share that kind of issue, go ahead and try it.

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