Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just to catch people up, here are things that DF is now saying:

Hold you = hug or sometimes 'pick me up'
Shoulders = when he wants up high on my shoulders
Night night = sleep
All done = something is finished (i.e. 'night night all done' means sleep is finished)
Ozzie = any and all cats
Roar! = what the majority of animals say, even ones like sheep
Moo = what cows and pigs say

He also repeats words and fragments, though it's sometimes hard to tell what he really understands and what he doesn't. But sometimes this includes 'love you' and that's pretty darn nice.


DD4 said...

You forgot to mention, he calls me "D," which I think is cute!

Kate said...

I'm banking on "hold you."