Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today while driving from daycare to Nana's house we saw a van painted like an American flag. It prompted this conversation with Relia:

Relia: Look! That van! It's America! It's like a flag!
Me: Yes, I see it!
Relia: Why do they decorate vans?
Me: Um, because some people like to.
Relia: Why don't we decorate ours?
Me: (passing the buck) You'll have to talk to mama about that. What would you want to put on it?
Relia: Flowers!
Me: Uh . . .
Relia: And dinosaurs!
Me: Ok. Flowers and dinosaurs.
Relia: And giant lips!

So basically she wants a cross between flower power and the Rolling Stones. And dinosaurs. (Those last two may be redundant.) I don't see this happening.
Not that I don't like the idea of a 'decorated' van at some point. We have a few art cars in our neighborhood and I'm sometimes jealous. There is a part of me that would love to redo a van in Viking style. All purple with white and yellow highlights. Maybe some wooden shields along the side to make it look like a longboat. Wouldn't that be cool?


carrster said...

Dahlia wants everything of ours to be painted....pink. Of course.

-Peder said...

We're moving (slowly) into a post pink world. Relia has other favorite colors now and will even wear some of them.