Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'More Magic'

DF has a favorite song. Maybe his very first. He has fallen for the Police, 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic'.
The first he heard it was from a Sting concert video that I keep on the DVR for daddy's happy place time. The crowd sings along with the E-O part and he decided he would too. Then near the end, when the song repeats the word 'magic' he got into that too.
With my latest mix disc for the car I broke a rule and put both the Police version and a cover of it by Shawn Colvin. They're separated by about six songs and I was curious who would comment about the repetition first. It was the FP Gal, of course, but not long after was Relia. This morning she said, "Hey, these are the same words as that one song!". I agreed that it was and I explained that the lady liked the song so much that she sang it too. She was confused by the gender swap as Colvin sings it 'every little thing he does'. Relia then surprised me by referring to the concert version on the TV. She pointed out that a woman accompanies Sting there.
When the song ended DF loudly said, "more magic!" and has repeated that every time the song has ended since. He has found a favorite.

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