Thursday, February 16, 2012

Top Five July Movies

Ah, July. The second easiest month of the whole project, after December. There are two main categories here, blockbusters and patriotic movies. I could probably do a top five of both. I could probably do a top five of patriotic blockbusters! In any case, these are the five I've gone with. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Braveheart - This would be one of the movies that is both patriotic and a blockbuster. Not only that, it is a Best Picture winner too. Some classic Mel Gibson, before he became so unlikeable. It brought back the epic movie. I watched it recently and it still holds up well.

Forrest Gump - Another one that could fit each category. A blockbuster, because it was a movie that virtually everyone had to see. And patriotic because, although not always flattering, it really is the story of a big chunk of American history. Along with that is an incredible performance from Tom Hanks and one of the most underrated love stories in recent history.

Star Wars - Pure blockbuster here. Few movies have had the impact that Star Wars did. It changed movie special effects and the way that science fiction stories would be told. It is so popular that 35 years later, it will still have a huge showing of Halloween costumes!

Raiders of the Lost Ark - In my opinion this is the most perfect action movie ever. Every beat and scene is perfect. It also works both as blockbuster and as a patriotic film.

Independence Day - Ok, this movie has its share of cheese. Maybe more than its share. But it really was a big deal back when it came out. So big that at least some of that cheese is thinly built backlash. Some of the greatest destruction scenes of all time.

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