Friday, February 10, 2012

I Do It!

DF is deep into that toddler phase where he wants to do every possible thing. On one hand I'm glad that he's learning things. On the other hand I just want to Open. The. Refrigerator. On. My. Own. It's a pretty broad line between cute and exasperating, but he makes that journey pretty often.
Minutes ago I was trying to change his diaper while Relia was changing a DVD. He threw a fit, because he wanted to DO IT. I won't describe the type of fit, but you can connect the dots pretty easily.

Oh, I know this is just a step in development (and a positive one!) but I am soooo ready for it ease off a bit.

Update: On Facebook I said:
Being at home with a toddler in the 'I do it!' phase is liking working with the most eager and incompetent employee ever.

And then later:

Make that incompetent, eager and belligerent . . .


DD4 said...

If only I could go back 30-some years and take the time to journal my daily experiences with Hans, you and Heidi. You must have done some of things of which you write, but for the life of me, I just can't recall any. I know you were typical darlings, but somehow I remember only the happy times.

Sarita said...

I think with Felix it seems worse because Relia expected that there were adult things she just wasn't allowed to try, but since he sees Relia, a kid, doing everything, he expects that he can too.