Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top Five August Movies

And now we have the rest of the summer films. Per usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Stand By Me - Probably the best end of summer movie of all time. It perfectly captures that childhood feeling of wanting one more adventure before the school year starts. Touching, funny and moments of tense drama. What more could you ask for?

Rear Window - More drama here. And add in some serious heat in the days before everyone had air conditioning. Easily my favorite Hitchcock film.

On Golden Pond - Another classic end of summer movie. Only this one isn't with schoolkids, it's with the old and senile. A great movie about dealing with the golden years.

Almost Famous - Traveling with a rock band so you can write about them? That's a pretty good way to spend a summer. Another great movie.

Meatballs - And to cap off summer, we have the greatest summer camp movie ever made. Somehow this movie is thirty years old but I refuse to believe that.


carrster said...

Indian Summer? I always kinda like that one, but maybe it's in September (I forget...)

These lists are fun!

-Peder said...

I haven't seen Indian Summer. I'll keep an eye out for it.

DD4 said...

I love "Rear Window" and "On Golden Pond!" I could watch them over and over.

-Peder said...

Me too, mom.