Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dating Anniversary

Eight years ago the FP Gal and I finally met. We had been talking back and forth through emails and then on the phone. (One of the emails included an Incredible Hulk joke that impressed her. You can ask her about it.) After some deliberation we decided to meet at the Como Observatory. She told me that we couldn't actually meet on Valentine's day because that would be too much pressure. No problem for me, the next day would work just as well.
So we met on a nice February Sunday afternoon. We walked around the Observatory, which is basically a giant greenhouse. Let me tell you, a greenhouse is a nice place to be during a snowy winter. We enjoyed each others company enough that we extended the date to the zoo area. When we looked at the spider monkeys I told her that they were named after the spider plant. She thought that joke was great then but has now forgotten it seven consecutive years. While there we also found out that our birthdays were only one day apart. (Well, 364 days, but you know what I mean.)

Things have worked out well so far. Love you hon!

Update: I've been told that I have Clue on the brain and mixed up 'Observatory' and 'Conservatory'. In other news, I won't tell you what was done in the Study . . .

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DD4 said...

I'll never tire of hearing this story. I'm happy for both of you!