Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eternal Winter

This has been a tough week of weather.  A tough month, really.  We've had snow and snow and snow.  And also lots of very cold weather for March.  It has felt more like January. 
This past week has been the worst though.  It's not just the snow.  We often get big snowfalls in March, after all.  But they usually feel like temporary things.  "Ok foot of snow, you'll be all gone in a couple of weeks."  Not this one though.  This felt like an announcement that we're not done with winter yet.

I keep telling myself that the Twins home opener is about ten days away from now.  Spring simply has to be around the corner. 

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Alfred T. Mahan said...

You know, my friend and I were just discussing this issue re: MLB. It reminds me of Vikings games at the Met in September.