Friday, March 22, 2013

From November 2012

Felix suggested a new slogan for candy corn: You Bite it With Your Tongue.

I put Leo in a Viking outfit today so that he wouldn't be able to throw anything.

Keep in mind, if it wasn't for Article II of the Constitution, we could all be voting for Alex Trabek today :(

Loooong night with Leo last night. He kept waking up screaming. I never should have had that long chat with him about the national debt yesterday.

Watched part of a documentary about the Titanic with Felix. The entire time he was betting on the ship being ok.

  I love that Netflix lists 'Macbeth' as a crime drama.

Watching some college football with Relia. I asked her if she knew what a university is and she said (and I quote): "It's a community that comes together to turn teenagers into grown-ups."

Snow this morning. I showed it to Felix through the window, wondering what he'd say about it. He's only two and last winter was blessedly warm. I asked him what the white stuff was and he would only say that something happened to the leaves.

You know what gets silly putty out of a kindergartener's hair? Scissors.

Felix brought home some art projects from daycare. This includes his 'corn-dog'. The rest of us would call it a 'cornucopia'.

Felix has reached that lovely two year old stage where he is either napping or is clearly in need of a nap.  
[Good lord, he was a nightmare for a while.]

I've changed no fewer than four messy diapers today. Any more are Sarah's responsibility.


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