Monday, March 18, 2013

Light Posting

I think the biggest problem that I've run into with regular blogging is Facebook.  When I have a quick thought, I go there and post it.  The audience is bigger and the comments are more regular.  The FP Gal points out that Facebook doesn't archive well though.  It'll be tough to go back and see everything, especially for the kids when they're old enough to read.  So I've decided to go back and post some of the stuff, month by month.  I'll have posts up throughout the week.  Maybe throughout the next few!

1 comment:

DD4 said...

Yes, I think Facebook is merely a fad and in the future, it will fade away, being replaced by something more popular. The blog is the better way to journal and document.

I'm a faithful reader of your blog, Peder! :-)