Saturday, March 23, 2013

From October 2012

The kids have driven me to such lengths this morning that my grammar is not so well anymore;

Just watched 'Rear Window' with Leo. He prefers sports but sometimes I can convince him to watch the classics.

Heading to Austin, taking Relia to the Halloween Warm Up tonight. I'm guessing we'll be thinking more about 'warm' than 'Halloween' by the end...
Back from Austin. Relia had a great time (so did I). I got to help lead tours, i.e. hold a lantern and that was her favorite part. We'll definitely go again next year.

Conferences for Relia are scheduled for next week. Sarah has told me NOT to wear a shirt that says 'Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach'.

This morning, each of my very special children, each in their own way, is driving me insane.

Relia keeps saying 'buenos dias' to Leo and seems genuinely upset that he isn't answering. I keep telling her that he doesn't speak Spanish but that doesn't seem to matter to her.

Why does making breakfast for two children require 83 separate trips to the kitchen?

Relia asked for the 'red, blue or brown cereal with the scientist on the box'. She got some Frankenberry.

Ok, weather journalists, we understand that you're live and covering the weather. You don't actually have to try and report in the waves and the wind for us. Go inside, like a smart person would.


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