Thursday, March 28, 2013

From May 2012

Getting a bit dressed up to see Relia's new school tonight (Kindergarten Round-Up). Relia saw me and said, "why are you trying to look handsome?".

Felix is absolutely amazed by the sight of our neighbor cutting the lawn. His surprise says nothing good about my lawn care habits.

We've all got our derby hats on. Do you have yours?

I have never cheered harder for a sit-com couple than I do for Amy Farah-Fowler and Sheldon Cooper.

While in the car . . .
Relia: Leo, you've won a prize. You get a free breastfeeding!
I'm sure that the eligibility requirements were very limited.

Every time I watch an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, I think 'maybe it's not a good idea to let these trains make their own decisions'.

We hit snack time this morning and I asked Felix if he was ready for a snack. He said yes, and then proceeded to pull two pieces of bread out from under the blanket on the couch. These were quickly shoved in his mouth so that he could eat them before the snack. Looked like a chipmunk. Never a dull moment with kids.

Why don't we have little gauges on babies to tell us when they need to eat yet? I mean, it's 2012 for gossake!

If the clouds somehow clear, the eclipse will start at 6:19p. (Well, it will start then no matter what the clouds do but it will be much less impressive for us in Mpls if we're cloud covered.)

It feels strange to not be thinking of baby names anymore.

It's amazing how many songs from 1980-1982 make me want to go roller-skating.

Relia just asked me if turkeys could fly. I'm not putting her in charge of Thanksgiving promotions.

It's far too early to argue with people who want to eat cereal with a knife.

"Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer." One of the all time great song lyrics.


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Sarita said...

I think "It's far too early to argue with people who want to eat cereal with a knife." is my favorite.