Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From June 2012

My wife knows *two* different aardvark songs. What kind of world is this?

When my kids are playing phone and I say 'who you gonna call?', they never understand that I'm making a joke.

Relia: What is a 'ninjo'?
Me: Do you mean a 'ninja'?
Relia: Yeah.
Me: They are a kind of fighter. They're very sneaky.
Relia: They sneak up on people . . . and say BOO! (giggles to herself) And then they kill them.

The phrase 'full body sneeze' takes on whole different meaning to a seven week old.

I'm showing Felix 'Finding Nemo'. I think it's his first viewing. He just told me 'I don't wanna be inside a whale. I'm too big!'.

I just had a traveler help me out with the very tricky airport codes for Oakland and Seattle. Um, thanks dude.

Relia told me that if I want to lose weight, there are shows on 'after I go to bed' that can help with that.

About 20% of my dad duties can best be described as 'jungle gym'.

We took a little trip across the river to WI today and saw a car with a giant decal of a Packer's helmet on it. This conversation happened:

Relia: He had a football on the truck!
Me: This is Wisconsin and that was for the Packers.
Relia: Packers? I hate the Packers!
Felix: (getting into the act) I hate crackers! I hate crackers!
Since then he has shown his 'hatred' by eating every cracker he could find.

For tomorrow nights lullaby, Relia has requested 'Rock This Town' by the Stray Cats.

I like that it is now the standard convention that the first thing an animal does when it escapes the zoo is to start a Twitter account. I wonder if they'll update the 'Life of Pi' movie to include this.

While driving in the car tonight we passed a park where there was soccer:
Me: Do you see them playing soccer over there?
Relia: How can they play soccer in the rain?
Me: Uh, they just do.
Felix: You put down the umbrella first, Relia!
He's a very practical boy.

So the new Spiderman is the guy who had to sue for his Facebook money? That somehow seems like the most realistic superhero origin story ever.

If I had a nickle for every time I have to tell the kids to finish their suppers . . . I could probably hire someone else to tell them.

The movie 'Ted' looks so awful that I'm surprised that Adam Sandler isn't in it.

Just got back from 'Moonrise Kingdom'. Loved it. I think it was the film that Max Fischer (Rushmore) would have written.

After our first garage sale this morning, we got in the car and Felix said 'good job everyone!'.     

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