Sunday, March 24, 2013

From September 2012

Relia is having her bath and playing (her words) Hunt for Red October. She's never seen the movie or read the book. Also, she is only five. Relia: I'm sorry, we have to sink it.
I hope that she convinces the Soviets!

 Also, because everyone on Facebook should know this, I woke up last night after dreaming that I was chased around an old and cluttered house by a lone Dalek.

I'm not sure if I'm betraying my younger self or not, but I am *so* glad that school is back in session today.

Felix saw an old car today, one with fins on it. He called out "a shark car!". I looove that.

Y'know what? I was ready for some football.

Relia and Felix like to watch various 'bossy' TV shows. The ones where the TV tells them to say something or do something. As far as I can tell, my kids have literally never followed those instructions. It's like they're being trained on how not to listen...

I do not own a single hat that doesn't look better on Felix.

Felix and I, after he asked me to read that beloved children's classic, 'Everyone Poops'.
Me: Do you poop?
Felix: I poop sooooooo much!

Every minute or two Relia updates me on the fact that she is still not talking to me.

Felix would like me to stop singing showtunes at the table. Or at least songs from 'South Pacific'.

Felix just asked for some money. When I asked him why, he said 'because I need to save up for later'.

Relia wants me to take her to some Elmo musical. We'd need to buy about ten tickets. One for her. One for me. And one each for the team of wild horses needed to drag me to such a thing.

[From a shared picture]  When I get a headache, I take two aspirin and keep away from children, just like it says on the bottle.         

Q: If a parent speaks in a forest of children, does it make a sound?
A: No, sadly it doesn't.

Things you didn't wake up thinking you'd say: "It's ok. You can *both* be mama kangaroos!"

To think, if we'd be prego one year later we'd be considering the name Gangnam Style DeFor.
And now I'm being told that we could have gone with Guy Smiley DeFor...


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