Saturday, March 30, 2013

From March 2012

The kids are in bed. I'm opening up the Plutarch and having a beer.

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Platypus day, everyone!

Melt you snow, melt!

Rejected boy names from this week:
Jack Sparrow
Spanish Inquisition (no would expect it)

The morning after the NCAA Tournament brackets are released; this is when I miss working in an office.

Felix just clearly said 'not fair'. I'm sure we won't hear that very often.  

Relia is working hard to convince us that she doesn't have room for one more bit of dinner, but plenty of room for pie. Ah, toddler logic . . .

Got a call from a drunk southern guy who wanted to rent an apartment. Yeah, I couldn't help him.

I bribed Relia into picking some basketball teams. I, um, might have a problem.

Seen on Twitter: 'People are losing the spirit of Ides of March. Not just about stabbing. It's about coming together to stab in groups.'

Felix just brought me the changing pad and a diaper. Guess he is ready for a change.

I think I'm having sympathy false labor.

I just asked Felix if we should make some lunch. He said "yeah!". I then asked him what we should make for lunch and he proudly said "cookies!". He's a smart kid.

This week's rejected boy names:
Chanandler Bong ("That's MS Chanandler Bong!")
Peder Jr

I read to Relia tonight and we were trying to choose between two Dr Seuss books, 'Grinch who Stole Christmas' and 'Yertel the Turtle'.
Relia: I want the Grinch.
Me: But, sweetie, it's not Christmas.
Relia: Well, it's not turtle day!
I had no comeback for that. We read the Grinch.

At some point Relia will be able to eat a chocolate cookie without ending up looking like Groucho Marx.

Sarah just told me she has a hankering for Hy Vee deli. Who have I married?


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