Friday, March 29, 2013

From Aprill 2012

Relia has declared that we should have mini donuts every day.

When you're four years old and a bit tired, every TV show is the Hypnotoad.

Today I learned that twenty(!) years of neglect have not helped my meager algebra skills at all. (I aced the reading comprehension part though.)

There may be no more rewarding part of being a father than when I've made a meal for the kids and they actually eat it quickly and happily.

And . . . it's the due date. Now we can have this baby anytime in the next two weeks.

Holy crap, I just realized that for the first time in my life I'm older than anyone on the White Sox roster this year.

Nothing yet. If we go much further we'll schedule a long plane flight and an inception. (I may have misunderstood that last part.)

At the dinner table:
Relia: Fe Fi Fo Fum, I am a giant yum!
Felix: Fe Fi Fo Fum, I'm a giant too!
I guess we're giants now.

New addition: got a new ipod!

Announcing the birth of Leo DeFor, born 13 April at 12:53 AM. Weighing 9lbs, 6 oz. Both mother and baby are doing wonderful!

Relia just told me that she needs to use eHarmony. She's complaining that she's never had a date. Anyone have the number of a good convent she can stay in until she's 18?

Seriously, what's better than a little infant squeak?

Parenting protip, when changing a little boy, never assume that they're done peeing. Be on your guard.

Sarah has '16 and Pregnant' on. I feel so bad for those teens that I'm doubting whether we should ever have kids.      

Every time I see the WGBH symbol (and hear their sound effect), it makes me want to watch '3-2-1 Contact'.

I never feel more carnivorous than when I'm eating my children's cheeseburgers.

Relia just told us that she feels left out in comparison to all of the attention that Leo is getting. It broke my heart to tell her that soon we would have to leave her on an ice floe.

Felix just told us that we shouldn't put peanut butter in his eyes, or Leo's eyes. Noted.


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