Sunday, March 31, 2013

From February 2012

While driving home from preschool:
Me: So tell me what you learned about today.
Relia: Oh, just some more letters.
Me: Which ones.
Relia: (pause) If I tell you, you won't believe me.

Felix stood up while eating breakfast, pointed at his bottom and proudly said 'poopy!'. It would be nice if he acted as his own warning system...

Saw this on twitter: "groundhog day is just a fake holiday made up by the groundhog companies to sell more groundhog."

Went to Target to get supplies this morning. The guy behind me was wearing a Packers hat. While I was moving bags into the cart he moved forward and was blocking the card reader. When he realized his mistake he started to move back. I mustered all the mock sympathy I could and said, "That's ok. I know today is verrry confusing for Packer fans."

Being at home with a toddler in the 'I do it!' phase is liking working with the most eager and incompetent employee ever.
Make that incompetent, eager and belligerent . . .

Heading down to Austin soon with Relia. Going to a Matchbox play!
Back from Austin. Greatly enjoyed the play, so did Relia.
A four year old comments on pregnancy . . .
Sarah: (while laying on the couch) There is so much I want to do today. I should get up and starting doing things.
Relia: But if you get up, you'll have to go potty!

Back from the Art of Shaving at the MOA. The winter beard is gone.

Is Tracy Jordan adding ten pounds each season of 30 Rock?

Relia made me a very nice card. With some parental suggestion she wrote 'I love you' on it. However, when you first glance at it, for all the world it looks like 'F U Lou'.

Words that will always make me think of John Denver: griddle, sunshine, feather bed.

Without any prompting, Sarah just pronounced 'Hormel' correctly. She has been assimilated.

Best Monkee's song? Probably 'Stepping Stone', right? Or maybe 'Daydream Believer'?

After much thought, I've come to the conclusion that 'Ferb' is short for 'Ferbinand'.


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