Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From February 2013

Sarah tells me that little boys are composed of 'noise, covered in dirt'. Which means that after a bath, Felix is a being of pure sound.

If there is any karmic justice in the universe, then I must have left a lot of clothes lying around when I was a kid.  (Mom answered "You did.") 

Relia singing: "I long to be a princess . . . but my parents aren't good enough . . ."

[From when the kids were sick:]  I'm about one vomit covered onsie away from filing a hostile workplace claim.

Super Bowl posts: 
  • Did the football picks with the kids. Relia is going with the 49ers. Felix is picking the Raisins.
  • Watching the Puppy Bowl with Felix. I feel lost because I haven't really followed the Puppy regular season.
  • Look closely. I think Alicia Keyes is using a player piano.
  • To be honest, I preferred the wardrobe malfunction.
Truth is, Groundhog day was re-appropriated from an earlier pagan holiday that also centered on groundhogs.

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