Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garage Sale

Last night I told the FP Gal that I had an idea for what to do today. I said, "Two words. Garage sales." She became very attentive and said, "I'm listening". Yep, our very nice weather put me in the mood for some garage sales. I consulted this handy map and found some nice looking prospects. So off we went!
The first one promised books. This is like offering cat-nip to the kitties. We pulled up and, well, there wasn't much there. There were books, a table of them. Not as many as I'd hoped and nothing that I wanted. The FP Gal got one though. And our little shopper girl, Relia, got two dolls and (trumpet flourish!) a harmonica. She is very happy. I'm wishing I had figured out a way to steer her away from it.
The second garage sale had some infant and toddler stuff. I thought that the FP Gal might find something good there. No luck. It was a bit on the small side too. Oh well, it takes time for the good sales to ripen, right?
Still, we got out and hit some garage sales today. How often can you say that in March?

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carrster said...

I went to two on Saturday too! It was great. I bought my winter coat for next year - yah! But struck out on all the things on the list for the kids. Ah well, maybe next month...