Saturday, March 03, 2012


Today we were supposed to have some friends over but those plans fell through. Fortunately we had a pretty good back up plan. My Aunt Janet is nearing one of those landmark birthdays and her son Keith organized a party for her that included a trip to the Waterpark of America. For those who don't know, that's a waterpark that is built into a Radisson near the Mall of America.
All four of us went and it was very interesting to join Relia and DF there. We started out in the kid's area. Think of a park play set with steps and ladders and slides all over. Now put it in a wading pool and add water spraying from all over. The slides emptied into long troughs of water so that kids could get a good wave front going. And they could control some of the sprayers.
But that wasn't all. Above all of this was a gigantic barrel. It would fill with water and at some long interval (four minutes) it would tip over and create a deluge. This happened to Relia just as she first climbed up there and she didn't really get over the surprise. DF handled this a bit better and kept going up there and daring it to tip.
Relia saw some tubes and decided we should float in one. It took some time to get one but we did. It was kind of a double tube, shaped like the number eight. After some trial and error we found a position where she could sit without falling in. Then we floated around on the 'lazy river'. This is a long path of water with a strong enough current to move the tubes. It took us about five minutes to make a circuit.
We decided to go around again and ran into (literally) the FP Gal and DF. He rode with me. We tried to get the FP Gal in but she can't fit with both Relia and the Oncoming Baby. So we left her behind and floated around two more times. I'd say this was idyllic but I could never tell if DF enjoyed it or not. He was so tired and crowded that only his eyes moved.
I did go down one of the big slides on my own. I could have done it about twenty more times but that wasn't to be. Too many people and family responsibilities. My quick review is that I'd recommend it.
As it is, I'm sure we'll hear many, many requests to go back there and soon. I'm sure we will.


I Love Barbershop said...

Once again, thank you for coming and making my birthday so special.
The kids are both adorable and I always enjoy seeing all of you.

DD4 said...

Though I didn't go into the water, I sure enjoyed seeing you and the kids doing your "thing." It is great place for the kids. Hopefully at your next visit, you'll be able to do the "big" kids tubes.

While I was in the kids' area, I witnessed Aurelia and Felix enjoying down the water slide many times.