Thursday, March 01, 2012

Top Five September Movies

And on we go! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Rushmore - An all time great movie about going to school. This is the one that put Wes Anderson on the radar in a big, big way. It also launched the part of Bill Murray's career where he excelled at indy films.

Spirited Away - An animated movie from one of my favorites, Studio Ghibli. This one deals with a young girl who is moving to a strange school and suddenly finds herself trapped in a magic world where she must work to rescue her parents. Simply a wonderful movie.

The Big Lewbowski - My hope is that this movie will really pull the list together. A cult film and one that isn't terribly grounded to any one month. However, early in the film a check is written and we can see that the date is Sep 11, 1991. How strange is that?

Good Will Hunting - Another movie about school, this one about a mathematical genius who has serious childhood issues. This might be the last really good movie that Robin Williams made. The therapy banter here is priceless.

The Natural - Yep, another baseball movie. This one is about a phenom who could be the best to ever play. That is until a mysterious woman derails him. Can he make it back for one last hurrah? (And yes, this is my third baseball movie and there isn't a single football movie that can even come close to competing. Not sure why that is.)

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